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E-IoT platform 2021

27 March 2021

Summary :

A major challenge we face today is digitalization of industrial processes, extending machinery with low power, feature rich microcontroller-based electronics to collect sensor readings and forward data with LPWA communication channels to a Cloud Database in order to build up the “BIG DATA” - the knowledge base of the future, and the elementary food of Artificial Intelligence. A mass of sensor readings needs to be organized into central databases for future processing, so as to meet the expectations of Industry 4.0. The Internet of Things (IoT) provides the ecosystem to deal with this challenge.

As a component distributor Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH is fully engaged in supporting IoT projects of its customers and developed an IoT Device family based on key components provided by its leading suppliers. As each and every customer require different mix of functions, the product family acts as a demonstration system and the E-IoT platform offers the following services:

Additional services:

The hardware family is constantly developing, today there are several boards available:

Endrich IoT Board v052 offers all three major functions of IoT devices : sensing, controlling and communication. The board is battery powered, its operation is based on RISC-V micro-controller architecture and offers a low power wide area networking by using an NB-IoT/LTE-M/2G GSM modem.

E-IoT platform 2021

E-IoT platform offers a variety of external sensor boards, which can be connected to the mainboard (E-IoT SBC or other MCUs) via standard interfaces such as I2C or SPI or proprietary interfaces like the Endrich Long Distance I2C port, which supports extended range up to 50 meters.

E-IoT platform 2021

As new feature to extend the E-IoT platform, we introduced display solutions in a form of external boards based on different display standards such as pmOLED or TFT. These boards can be connected to either E-IoT SBC board or 3rd party MCU boards (Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry etc.) via standard interfaces.

E-IoT platform 2021

Sensor readings are stored in a customer specific dedicated area of Endrich Cloud Database System and can be visualized through Endrich Visualization Gateway, a special website made for each E-IoT SBC boards and customer devices.

E-IoT platform 2021

More information about the Endrich IoT Ecosystem, its open source hardware platform, the dedicated software services and free code samples for the embedded software can be found at

E-IoT platform 2021

A video about the award winning E-IOT platform, the Endrich IoT EcoSystem is available on the link or by scanning the QR Code.

E-IoT platform 2021

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